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Blogger Cleaning Template

What is a blogger cleaning template and how does it work?

Almost all bloggers are constantly changing the shape of their blogs so that they replace their blog template, but every time they replace the template they find it difficult to install as they direct them to some problems that consist of the previous model, so we offer you a cleaning template which is a blogger template but this blank template does not contain Thing. When installing, it removes all malicious code.

How do problems form when replacing templates:

The blogger template is an icon, but the blogger provides add-ons to each template. These plugins are important to a blogger or blogger that they consider important. So when you download a new template, the blogger deletes the template and keeps the important additions related to a blogger, so the blogger puts it in the new template and causes problems.

How a blank template solves the problem:

We also talked that Blogger keeps important plugins and puts them in the new template. When the new template is empty, Blogger has no place to put plug-ins, so you can delete it. When uploading a new template, Blogger reads the existing template and does not find any plug-ins in order to preserve it, so we find that the new template has no problems.

Cleaning mold installation method:

Head over to Appearance / Editing HTML then select all template icons using ctrl-A then put this clean code instead. Save and then delete the cleaning template and download the new template.


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