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How to seriously work from home with the internet and make money 2020

How to seriously work from home with the internet and make money 2020

Is it possible to work from home and earn? It’s not an impossible task but I have to make one point clear: I don’t know any secrets, I don’t have recipes to make money online without working. Often this idea is seen as a mirage and not as a strategic goal, working from home is not synonymous with the continuous patty.

There are a thousand reasons to aim for this solution. When you are in front of the computer of your home – small or large, for now, it makes no difference – you believe that everything translates to a series of advantages. In reality, it is difficult to work from home seriously, often the jobs that are offered to you do not allow you to get the necessary to justify a VAT number. And then there are the downsides you hadn’t considered.

For example spaces. Do you have a place to transform into an office? Are the people around you attentive to your needs? Or you’re the one at home for everyone, an assistant to call anytime. Perhaps you have already heard this sentence: “Yes, it is true. You are working. But what does it cost you to do this pleasure?”.

In short, the point is this: it is not easy to create a business model that allows you to work from home and earn. At the same time, you face a number of problems unknown to those who go to the office every day. As I anticipated, I don’t know of magic solutions to make money in slippers. What I can tell you is my story, my personal business, my being a freelance blogger, and web writer.

Can you earn with the internet?

This is the first step to be clarified: can you earn with the internet? The dry and decisive answer, which corresponds to a yes. You can monetize, you can turn your online presence into an income. Indeed, there are a thousand different ways to achieve this. One of the most followed and used: make money with the blog, with the publication of articles and content.

Which is the best route? Many aim for direct income and fill the blog
A blog (short for “weblog”) is an “online newspaper”, or an informative website, which displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest …
of decontextualized advertising banners, sell their space to the highest bidder, and publish sponsored articles without the right attention. In other words, if you think about the short run this may be the solution.

Those who demand everything immediately add the Adsense codes and wait for the money to arrive on the checking account. Is there anyone who has succeeded in this endeavor? Sure, but it’s not the right way to work from home thanks to the web tools. At least in my view. For example, I have chosen the path that responds to the name of inbound marketing.

How to earn money by working online from home seriously

I started working in the agency and I opened my blog. Every day an article, every post an opportunity to make me known. While I was working I learned something new, and in the meantime, the blog did its job: it carried my name around, it was found through SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (optimization for search engines): the set of strategies and practices to position websites or web pages in the organic results of the engines … and social media marketing.

After about 18 months, the first customers arrived, people who appreciated the contents and my skills. New experiences, quotes, opportunities. I have optimized the landing pages
Landing Page (translation: landing page) means a page specifically created with the aim of converting site visitors into leads (contacts) or customers, often after having …
, I improved internal flows and pushed people towards resources to make money online. When it was time to leave the permanent position, I moved home and continued to work for my clients from my personal office.

The solution is this: experience in a competitive environment, capable of training you. Then choose the way to sell the services through an independent platform: your blog. Is this the only useful solution? It’s the one I know, the one I used to get good results and be independent.

In any case, it is right to work on diversification. Do not concentrate flows only on one entry: within your professional offer, you can offer different services, and perhaps aim for other forms of income. Using the blog as a tool to find new customers online, and work from home does not mean giving up other sources. A few examples?

Other methods to make money online

This is the recipe I followed to monetize: publish quality articles overtime to attract customers on the landing pages, and turn them into contacts. Optimization and differentiation of the offer helped me to eliminate unnecessary and unprofitable jobs, in favor of the most interesting sources.

But is this the only way to make money online from home? No, there are other solutions. For example, there is a world of affiliations that can help you increase profits through blog publications. The speech is simple: there are affiliate programs that offer you a percentage on each sale. Create an article, insert the links, and track the results. The more you sell, the more you earn.

This is a good solution because it allows you to monetize your blogger’s work through useful work for readers. The same goes for info products, book-like digital works, and video courses. This universe is vast, full of virtuous examples. But at the base there is a clear speech: you can start from nothing.

This also applies to the rest. Earning with advertising, with info products and affiliations is a great way to diversify. But if there is no editorial calendar at the base, if you do not gain the trust and respect of the readers, all this will be useless. So, at least from my point of view, the starting point is always the same: create a personal blog and start publishing.

Turn your home into an office

This is a passage that many flyovers, in reality, you cannot ignore it. Working at home is not easy, you have to define a series of rules to carry on your business. You are at home every day, a protected but difficult to manage the environment. Here are the points to be addressed:

  • Spaces – Define your desk, create your own space. If you can use a room, otherwise a desk.
  • Rules – You are not alone at home, so you need to establish precise rules to preserve your work.
  • Hours – The first problem for those who work at home: no hours. Set up shifts right away.
  • Coworking – Does the situation become unsustainable? Do you have a job to complete? You must have a trusted coworking.
  • Tasks – Working from home does not mean being available to any business. Ask respect to your family.

My advice, after 5 years of domestic experience: do not underestimate the importance of breaks and times. The big risk to face is this: a whirlwind of work, especially if it represents a passion for you. You risk waking up, having breakfast, and starting to work to close the computer after dinner. Work is important but you don’t have to overdo it.

I made my choice and I work every day between the four walls of the house. I do it with passion and perseverance, without illusions: I don’t have to face the traffic of the city, but the difficult fusion between private and professional spaces.

For many, it is a mirage to work from home, but to earn and monetize you must aim for continuity. And a good inbound marketing job to develop over time.

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