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Here is Mexico, beautiful and beloved

Cultural diversity is summarized in the regions of San Miguel de Allende and Dolores Hidalgo

There is a famous song by singer Gujri Negrett entitled “Mexico Lindo y Querido”, or “Mexico is beautiful and beloved.” The song started in Mexico and spread throughout Latin America.

The words of the song, accompanied by guitar rhythms, often tear the hearts of Mexico of their hearts: “I sing for volcanoes, plains and flowers that resemble my amulets.” The phrase “Mexico is beautiful and beloved” is one of the most frequently heard phrases in the minds of those who were happy to listen to this wonderful song. The song soon became an invitation to visit these countries, which are known for their cultural richness and geographical diversity. To get to know her identity closely, we only need to travel to the historic regions of San Miguel de Allende and Dolores Hidalgo. They summarize their charm, due to their beautiful nature and bright colors. The two regions of Guanajuato state are located in the heart of the country, about 3 and a half hours drive from Mexico City.

Guanajuato, which includes more than 40 small cities, offers tourists an enriching experience with “culture, education, entertainment, culinary art and interesting history of the country”, says Arcelli Ruiz, a Mexican who has lived in Europe for years and who is responsible for promoting her country abroad. She adds that the city of Dolores Hidalgo was the cradle of the independence cry from Spain in 1810.

San Miguel de Allende

It may be a small city, but the announcement by UNESCO of 2008 that it is part of the human heritage confirms its beauty and architectural richness, which is a pivotal element in the country’s history. Many of its ancient streets and homes carry inspiring stories of struggle and the pursuit of independence.

According to historical records, San Miguel was established in 1555 on one of the first roads that the Spanish built across Latin America. It occupies a special place in the hearts of its inhabitants, as it witnessed one of the first cultural exchanges between the Spaniards and the Indians.

Today, its small streets are filled with life and movement. This part of the city consists of a square and at least 10 streets branching in different directions, allowing you to walk around on foot, and enjoy watching the cafes and shops closely. Most of you will be attracted here that most buildings are stained with the same colors, which are beige, dark red, and yellow, in addition to huge wooden doors. It is not difficult to imagine the image in the past and the scenery of the horse-drawn carriage, which was the primary means of transportation at the time of the construction of the city by the Spaniards.

Within the city, a tourist should not miss a visit to the former municipal palace. Not only because it is one of the buildings constructed just after independence, but also because it is famous for its architectural splendor, especially its façade. Visiting the church of San Miguel, which dates back to the 17th century, is also a must. This is confirmed by Arcelia, saying: “San Miguel de Allende is an architectural gem that embraces areas that allow its visitor to explore different faces of Mexico.”

The region is currently considered one of the richest regions of the country in terms of cultural and artistic pluralism, as it holds nationalities from all over the world, which gives it its unique diversity and different flavors. For example, there are local, national and foreign arts, and its Park Juarez Park hosts painters and sculptors once a month, to display their works for free, while the exhibits are available for sale at an affordable price. There is also a market for the sale of local handicrafts, especially those made of glass.

Dolores Hidalgo

About 40 minutes from San Miguel is Dolores Hidalgo, the most prominent historical city in the country. From here the Declaration of Independence of Mexico was issued, and accordingly, all the areas that a tourist will visit within the city are linked to independence, from the Independence Museum to the home of Miguel Hidalgo, who declared independence.

But we should not be ignorant of its other side, which is bustling with brightly colored buildings, many green spaces, trees, and various forms of life, in addition to the streets covered with stones, which enriches its historical character.

Other advantages include the fact that prices within San Miguel and Dolores are affordable, and there are various hotels that match different budgets. Mexico is also connected to the world by many international flights, mostly through the United States and Europe.

Various hotels according to budgets

  • In San Miguel, there is an enormous diversity of hotels, the most famous of which is «Rosewood San Miguel de Allende», which is the ideal place to stay for a tourist looking for luxury, fun, and comfort. It is located in the historical heart of the city and is considered one of the places recognized by the various tourism institutions.
  • “Casa de Serra Nevada”, another equally important hotel, is also located in the historic heart of the city. Originally it was an old palace, but its conservation efforts have managed to keep it in great shape until today.
  • The Casa 1810 Hotel Boutique features only 14 rooms that feature traditional Mexican decorations. This hotel is one of the options available to those looking for a unique place.

Local restaurants with international flavors

“Casa de Serra Nevada” and “Rosewood San Miguel de Allende” offer wonderful unforgettable experiences for guests, along with luxurious quality and various activities, including lessons in Mexican-style cooking to allow the visitor to indulge in a delightful world of local ingredients and flavors.

Whatever your area is within Mexico, you will never be far from a place that serves delicious dishes, which certainly applies to San Miguel de Allende. From small restaurants known as “Fonda” to restaurants with the names glossy. If you are inside San Miguel, you can eat inside the main restaurant of the Hotel “Rosewood”, which is located on a wide balcony that represents the roof of the hotel and overlooks the city. The restaurant’s menu mixes local and international dishes with a distinctive taste.

  • “Teo Lucas” is a restaurant worth visiting because of its live Mexican music and many seafood and meat dishes, all of which are presented in the lobby in the middle of an old house.
  • “Aperi Restaurant”, is the main restaurant inside the Hotel “Dos Casas”. The kitchen is run by the famous Italian-Italian chef Matteo Salas, who offers his patrons an unforgettable experience of modern dishes that stimulates the five senses.
  • Of the dishes that the region is famous for and must be tasted, a wheat tortilla dish, stuffed with fresh cheese, and a mixture of cooked potatoes and small pieces of carrots in tomato sauce.

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